Company Overview

    With the increase in overseas business, in order to more easily conduct business and serve customers in North America, ZGT Optical Comm Limited has established ZGT OPTICAL COMM CO., LTD. as a subsidiary in January 2024 in Canada. Supported by its Chinese parent company, ZGT OPTICAL COMM CO., LTD. is established in Ontario, Canada and will capitalize on resources from its parent company for more vigorous wholesale sale and export of local Canadian fiber-optic communication products.

Products And Services

ZGT OPTICAL COMM CO., LTD. will enter the local Canadian market by selling fiber-optic jumpers, MTP/MPO fiber-optic connectors for data centers, programmable logic controllers (PLC), fiber-optic communication cabinets, adapters, attenuators, quick connectors, heat-shrink tubes for fiber-optic cables and other products to increase its market share there.


Fiber optic Adapters


Meanwhile, the subsidiary will seek cooperation with local Canadian enterprises such as FiberTech Optica Inc., Globetron Controls, Inc., Hyperline Systems, Ltd. and Instacable, Inc., and supply high-caliber fiber-optic communication products like optical fibers and cables, fiber-optic transceivers, fiber-optic routers and other products to companies among other clients in China and other countries to attract more consumers and satisfy diverse demands of clients in different countries.



Address: 10 Milner Business Court, Suite 300, M1B 3C6 Scarborough, Ontario, Canada